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Tabata Swim Goggles V-610-CLB

Brand: Tabata

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Rp. 229.000


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  • Lens: polycarbonate
  • Face pad: silicone 
  • nose belt: elastomer (S · M · L) 
  • Strap: silicone 
  • strap adjuster: Polycarbonate 
#remove face pad cleaning allowed.

Bagikan :

Wide field of view model around look better. Selected in the material and functionality, standard model to continue the long-selling. 

Friendly silicone material used in POINT1 · skin

using a silicone material on the face pad and strap. Gently soft wear comfortable to the skin. POINT2 · wide field of view of the lens in the lens use of wide size, keep a wide field of view.

Color:  CLB (Lens: CLB)
Package size: H186 × W56 × D50 (mm) #except the hook 

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